Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

S.T.E.M. at Sunset Park Elementary

Sunset Park Elementary STEM LogoSTEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

During the 2017-2018 school year, all classes at Sunset Park Elementary will be part of the STEM program. STEM applications are no longer necessary. We look forward to introducing all Sunset Park students to exciting topics in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

MDCPS S.T.E.M Designation

2015-2016 MDCPS Silver STEM Designation

Sunset Park Elementary was awarded the 2015-2016 Silver STEM Designation by Miami-Dade Public schools. Congratulations Sunset Park Elementary!

2016-2017 STEM Modules

Grade 1st Marking Period 2nd Marking Period 3rd Marking Period 4th Marking Period
K Culinary &
The Five Senses
Force & Motion Wood & Paper Florida Ecosystems: The Everglades
1 Transportation Weather & Digital Storytelling LEGO: WeDo Farm to Fork
2 Touch Typing &
Computer Programming
World Cultures Astronomy Germs &
The Human Body
3 Gardening Gardening LEGO: Green Energy Bridges
4 Architecture Computer Programming Entrepreneurship &
LEGO: Simple and Complex Machines
5 LEGO: Pneumatics Oceanography Web Design Flight & Rocketry

S.T.E.M. Photo Gallery

  • Kindergarten launching bottle rockets

    Kindergarten launched bottle rockets during their Force & Motion Unit.

  • Grade 1 mixing cookies

    Grade 1 mixing cookies during their Cookie Sale.

  • Grade 1 touching a snake skin

    Grade 1 touching a rock python snake skin, thanks to ZooMiami.

  • Grade 2 weaving jute baskets

    Grade 2 wove baskets using jute fiber.

  • Grade 2 painting masks

    Grade 2 painted African tribal masks during their unit on World Cultures.

  • Grade 3 building bridges

    Grade 3 built different styles of bridges using K'Nex construction kits.

  • Grade 5 built a pnuematic stamping press using LEGO

    Grade 5 built pnuematic stamping presses from a LEGO Education pnuematic kit.

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